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Attention Physicians:

While our TempTouch® product and this web site are focused primarily on patient service, we invite you to explore this section of our site for a deep clinical understanding of the TempTouch home diagnostic device for the diabetic foot.

The TempTouch helps you to care for your patient, even when they may be at home, by alerting to pre-ulcerative inflammation that brings them to your exam room as soon as possible. TempTouch's early warning, linked with your E & M visit, will augment your care of diabetic patients and help to prevent the ulcers that can lead to amputation.

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In summary, we seek to enable and optimize care for your patients with diabetic neuropathy. By recommending TempTouch you will be providing the latest diagnostic technology that can be used in the home as well as in your office exam room. Feel free to contact us so to find out more about TempTouch and what it can mean for your practice. Together we can help patients retain their toes and feet!
Welcome to the TempTouch information database:

Here you will find information intended for physicians, clinicians and other healthcare providers who treat diabetic patients with neuropathy. Feel free to read our three TempTouch clinical papers via links that detail research funded by the National Institutes of Health and Veterans Administration funded research.

We have provided the following links for your convenience:

The TempTouch clinical papers
Learn more about inflammation and the diabetic foot
How to use the TempTouch
• TempTouch User's Manual
TempTouch Logbook Sheets
FAQs section to which you can direct patients


Attention Insurers:

As a health insurance professional, we know you want to provide coverage for the most advanced, proven medical products and procedures for your clients. You understand that diagnostic devices and preventive services that avert larger problems before they occur – and potentially lead to even more costly procedures – are well worthy of coverage.

Diabetica Solutions Inc., develops and distributes products designed for the diabetic foot. Our signature product – TempTouch® – is a digital infrared device that has been clinically proven to reduce the incidence of foot ulcers by 80% when used as directed. We want to inform you of the significant reduction in the cost of treatment for wound care and foot amputations made possible by the use of the TempTouch.

Our studies were carried out under the auspices of the National Institutes of Health, and the U.S. Veterans Administration. The TempTouch is FDA approved. It is already covered by a number of insurance companies, and we are currently awaiting Medicare approval for reimbursement. Our medical advisors are among the leaders in Podiatric Medicine and Endocrinology and have published many papers attesting to the success of the TempTouch.

There are approximately 8.0 million diabetics in the U.S. that have neuropathy. The disease is growing at 400,000 per year – resulting in over 1.2 million foot ulcers and some 100,000 amputations each year. An ulcer costs approximately $18,000 to manage and an amputation costs approximately $50,000. Our clinical evidence indicates that through the use of the TempTouch, over 80% of these costs can be avoided. This could result in a substantial savings in insurance claims and tremendous reduction in suffering and care for diabetics.

The TempTouch is not only cutting edge technology, but, as our Cost Effectiveness and ROI Study shows, it is economically superior, thereby increasing the insurer’s profits. Your shareholders and those who depend on you to provide the best healthcare coverage in the world expect and deserve no less.

We are available to meet with your organization to discuss in greater detail the benefits that our product will have for your business, policyholders, and shareholders. Please contact us directly to schedule discussions regarding the TempTouch.

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Check out Diabetica's Cost Effectiveness and ROI Study to see how TempTouch® can save you money.






The TempTouch® is able to give me advance warning about a temperature increase that I would not be aware of otherwise. Using the TempTouch® is comparable to using the glucose meter it is something that should be routine.
           -Guadalupe Torres

I have really enjoyed using the product and have been able to detect hot spots before they turn into ulcers.
           -Paul Wright

The TempTouch® is the most wonderful thing in the world. If this device is used, the doctor can pick up problems far in advance.
        -Vernon Aaron

I have been using TempTouch® for several months now and the product has worked flawlessly. It is easy to operate and only takes a few moments out of my day every morning. So far, all my readings have been within the guidelines set out in the provided literature. I am a type II diabetic and I feel this tool will be a great asset in my on-going battle to control this disease.
        -Hal Broomes


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